When Gadgets like mobile phone and tablets cannot be repaired they are usually sold off into scrap markets. This is a huge risk as it is often the case with damaged products that they contain elements of data that cannot be systematically data-cleared. At Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd we take no chances, we have invested in market leading data-erasing software, powered by BlackBelt SmartPhone Defence, which removes and encrypts all data contained within devices which power-on. In instances where a device fails to power-on Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd ensure that the motherboard is shredded which in turn destroys any element of data. We are also able to provide forensic certification to accompany every device that is data-cleared using Blackbelt whilst we are able to provide certificates of destruction for every motherboard we shred.

In cases where parts can be salvaged from a device Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd have fully fledged, in-house refurbishment facilities meaning that we are able to reconstruct most cosmetic and component parts to ‘A’ Grade standard. For business customers, these parts can be introduced into the supply-chain which reduces the average cost of repair.