There are many types of repair companies with different specialties, some concentrate on working with manufacturers and others offer services direct to the public. At Gadget Repairs Solutions Ltd however we have created a service offering which accommodates all forms of custom. We specialize in providing repair services to a wide array of companies across multiple different market segments including Insurance, Retail and Manufacturing. Aside from a B2B service we also offer a direct-to-consumer solution whereby a customer can book a repair over the phone or via an online portal, alternatively we welcome walk-in customers for which we can offer a 45 minute turnaround on most types of repair.

Although Gadget Repairs Solutions Ltd do not currently hold any manufacturers accreditations we are always looking to explore opportunities in areas which could be of benefit to the business and its customers. At present our supply-chain solutions are fully-fledged meaning we can source OEM parts where required on the open-market. In instances where the use of generic parts is permitted Gadget Repairs Solutions Ltd will utilize this channel should there be no access to the OEM parts. The key to establishing and controlling a sustainable supply-chain is quality assurance. Gadget Repairs Solutions Ltd employs strict QA controls at the point of source, upon receipt in the UK and on the production line to ensure that our repairs are carried out to the highest possible standards. In order to ratify this approach, Gadget Repairs Solutions Ltd offers a 6 to 12 month warranty on all repairs.

Our key operational KPI’s are as follows:

  • Maximum Repair Success
  • Minimal Product Returns
  • Minimal Wastage: Refurbishment of Recovered Parts
  • Rapid Turn-Around Times

Gadget Repairs Solutions Ltd measure these daily throughout the business eco-system however the one true reading on business performance is customer satisfaction which is applied as the over-arching benchmark for the company.