Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd’s procurement team are specialists in sourcing and providing replacement handsets for lost & stolen and beyond economical repairs, buying from all known distributors both new and where possible and acceptable to the scheme; ‘A+’ grade handsets, it can deliver very competitive pricing to Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd partners without mark up, that’s right what we pay is what you pay so you do not have to worry about price and market fluctuations not benefitting your scheme, its automatic!

Do not be fooled into thinking that if a handset is new then it must be original, there are many component farming operations in territories like Dubai where new handsets are stripped down, OEM parts removed and sold whilst often sub-standard copy parts introduced before the handset is then reconstructed, the box resealed and the handset re-sold into the distribution channels around the globe. At Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd we QA check new handsets before they are accepted as OEM and offered to our Insurance customers.

Gadget Repair Solutions Ltd has an in-house procurement team who are specialists in sourcing and providing replacement handsets in various conditions. This system is tailored for Insurance customers in the instance of fulfilling lost & stolen claims and replacing handsets which are deemed beyond economical repair.