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What is a BER (Beyond Economical Repair)
Device is unable to be repaired due to damage sustained. Depending on your policy either your insurer or bank will be in touch to advise the next step or our replacement team is currently sourcing a replacement for you.
Why is My Device Quarantined
Please contact your insurer, This generally means that we have some form of query with the details received from your insurance company or your device. For example the handset still has Apple iCloud Lock, Find My Phone feature etc..
No matter which buttons you press, your phone will not turn on

Ensure that when attempting to turn on your mobile that you depress the power button for a minimum of 3-5 seconds, only light pressure will be required.

Your battery may be the problem.

Where possible always ensure you are using a good quality battery.

Try using an identical model battery if one is available that is working and fully charged.

Your charger may be the problem.

Ensure the charger is working, that is has the right connectors and is plugged into a working power source.

Re-check that your battery is correctly installed and that your battery cover is on properly.

Your phone may need a little time.

If your battery is completely drained it may take a little time to recover.

Once charging, leave it plugged in for a minimum of 4 hours.

The following signs mean it is ready to be used again.

The battery icon stops flashing.

The phone shows fully charged on the display.

The indicator light turns from red to green (only on certain phones).

If your phone will still not turn on, remove the battery for 10 seconds, and then replace it and try turning it on again. (except for phones with non-user servicable parts)

Note: On some models the battery icon does not appear until the phone has been charged for at least 15 Minutes.

Your screen displays ‘no network coverage’ or ‘emergency calls’ only

If you are in a built up, enclosed or remote area, it can be very hard for your phone to get any kind of signal. Moving to more public or open spaces will make it a lot easier.

If your phone still cannot receive a signal, your phone can perform a ‘network search’ through its menu function. This will check if there is any other network in range. Select one of the ‘allowed’ choices and you may find a connection.

Try turning your phone off, removing and re-inserting the battery (except phones that have non-user servicable parts), or testing the phone with a different SIM card that you know is working (be sure to use a SIM card compatible with your phone as some phones only work on certain networks).

Your phone is telling you to ‘Insert SIM’ when it is already installed.

Your SIM card may have come loose from your SIM cardholder. Try re-installing it into its housing usually located behind the battery. For iPhones, eject SIM card tray and re-insert.

Turn your phone off, remove and re-insert your battery then re-start your phone.

Remove your SIM card and place another working SIM into your phone and likewise try placing your SIM into another working phone to try and isolate the problem.

If your phone starts working with another SIM card, your SIM card and contacts might just require a gentle clean. Using a small eraser you can clean the SIM’s contacts and the SIM connectors, however, be careful not to push too hard or get any small pieces of eraser stuck in the phone.

Your phone is displaying ‘insert correct SIM

When your phone was manufactured it may have been designed only to work with one specific network operator and therefore can only accept their SIM card. If this message appears in your phone it could mean that you are trying to use a SIM card that is unacceptable and incompatible with your phone, this is often referred to as being ‘SIM locked’.

It could also mean that someone has tried to repair or add software to your phone that is not qualified to do so.

Note: Swapping SIM cards can make it difficult for your phone to hold onto any unsaved information. Ensure anything you want to retain is properly saved at the earliest opportunity.

Your phone keeps turning itself off.

Sometimes phones can get switched off accidentally, either in a bag or a pocket. Don’t always assume there is a fault. Turning on your ‘Auto Key Lock’ can prevent these accidents from happening.

Try another battery if one is available to you (except for phones with non-user servicable parts).

Messaging problems

When your phone was supplied to you, assuming it was new, it should have had its SMS settings pre-installed. However, if they were not or have been since changed you will not be able to send or receive text messages. These settings are as follows:

Service Centre Number.

Text message access type (GSM or GPRS).

If your SIM card can send text messages when it’s in another phone or if you find you can send text messages using another SIM card, contact your network operator and repeat these words: 'Can you confirm that my SMS is enabled and the system is working properly?'

Ensure that you are entering the phones full number along with any necessary area codes. Also, re-check your signal strength. Deleting any un-required messages will free up your phones memory and help it work a little faster.

Poor battery life

If you leave the following features running they can drain your battery very quickly:


Games and Applications.


Data Services and Internet.

Media Player and Radios.

LCD is activated.

Using the phone while roaming.

Using the phone in poor coverage areas.

‘Magic Word’ (Only on certain phones).



Location Services (iPhones)

Turn these features off if you do not intend to use them and you will enjoy optimum daily use from your battery.

Difficulty with internet or MMS

Your phone can only access what your subscriptions allow it too. To check which services you have signed up for contact your service provider.

Slow phone operation

Backup all phone data if phone is still functional.

Perform a full software update from the manufacturers website or in the case of iPhones, update through iTunes.

Caring for your phone

Here are a few things you can do everyday to help prevent your phone developing problems in the future:

Re-start your phone daily. By re-starting your phone it will help free up some of the phones memory and improve its capacity.

Using features like Bluetooth, Infrared or the display light will eat away at your battery life. Turn them off when they are not required as this will extend the daily usage of your battery.

Your phone will perform better when using the correct and recommended accessories such as chargers and headsets.

Keep your phone away from humidity such as hot bathrooms, close proximity to boiling kettles etc, as this can cause internal damage.

Always ensure that your phone has the latest software installed. This is usually available through the manufacturers website.

Perform regular backups of all data held on the phone.

Imagine trying to remember all the telephone numbers in your phone, in most people’s cases this would be impossible.