Recycle Your Mobile Phones & Tablets for Cash

At Gadget Repair Solutions Limited we make things very simple. 

  • You tell us - the model , make, capacity, network lock status and cosmetic condition 
  • Our team then offer a provisional evaluation based on the information provided
  • All prices offered are subject to inspection in our UK facility
  • Appointment can be booked to bring the item to our facilities or alternatively we send out a pre-paid envelope
  • All documentation is completed on an individual handset basis (pending customer signature) - This logs: the customer’s name, address, email address, IMEI, , mobile number, value offered
  • An IMEI check is conducted to ensure goods are not registered as lost or stolen with CheckMEND
  • When bringing a device to our premises you are required to bring identification such as driving license or passport as proof of ownership.
  • Very important– It is your responsibility as the customer to remove all Cloud Locks or Google Locks. Trade-in will not be eligible if this is not complete. 
  • Every Handset/Tablet processed by our Test Centre will be accompanied by a full BlackBelt Software . This gives a detailed functionality report on your device which is a decisive factor when providing a valuation.

BlackBelt defence typically runs the following tests :


  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Device Backlight
  • Device Screen
  • Screen Pixels
  • Headset Connection
  • Device Charging
  • Device Battery
  • Device Proximity
  • Camera (Front and rear)
  • Device Vibration
  • Device Microphone
  • Device Speakers
  • Volume Control Keys
  • Android OS Information
  • RAM Information
  • Internal Memory
  • SD Card Capacity
  • Device Call Test
  • Device Condition Logging

We advise you as the customer if the BlackBelt Software differs from the and information you provide upfront (process takes approx. 40 minutes)

Should anything anomalies be detected in the BlackBelt process, a revised evaluation will be proposed which is a non-obligation offering. If you choose to proceed - Great! If not, return logistics can be arranged. 

If our assessment matches your description, we then arrange payment via bank transfer according to your initial quotation.